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I shoot all kinds of events, concerts from Rock Concerts, live events, for all kinds of music. I am in Long Beach, CA which is in Los Angeles, California. I have traveled
around the United States and other Countries to work. I also shoot headshots for adults and children for bands, movies, dance, etc... I also do set photography on movie sets.
Some of my well known photo's are of Jack Russell's Great White, Scorpions, slayer, motorhead and many more. I have shot for calendars , billboards, catalogs, web sites, flyers, postcards
and I also design Calendars , catalogs, postcars, websites, online stores, menus, magazine layouts, business cards and much more. I work with top printers and get lower prices because of
amount of printing I do. I have shot for models, pin up models, glamour shots, rock stars, musicians wanting an egde to thier look or to upgrade pics. I have shot and created many
magazine ads for major companies like Peavey, Budda, Rock n Roll Gangstar and many major companies and start ups. Working with your budget.

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